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Is Ramada a Good Hotel?

Is Ramada a Good Hotel
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Ramada is a mid-scale hotel brand with greatly varying quality, so whether it is a good hotel or not depends on the specific location. However, customer reviews indicate that Ramada by Wyndham Austin South in Austin, Texas is a good hotel with clean rooms, courteous staff, and amenities like an outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

Ramada: A Mid-scale Hotel Brand With Varying Quality

Ramada is a mid-scale hotel brand that offers varying quality across its properties. With an overview and history dating back several decades, Ramada has grown to become a well-known name in the hospitality industry.

The brand is currently owned by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, a leading hotel company, and is part of their extensive portfolio.

Ramada’s reputation and perception in the hospitality industry have been mixed. While some travelers have had positive experiences with the brand, others have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service, outdated facilities, and issues with cleanliness.

Guests need to research specific Ramada properties before making a reservation to ensure they meet their expectations.

Reasonably pricedOutdated facilities
Nice hot breakfastIssues with cleanliness
Safe environmentVarying quality across properties

Overall, while Ramada can offer a good hotel experience at a reasonable price, it’s essential to research specific locations and read reviews from past guests to determine the quality of a particular property before booking.

Is Ramada a Good Hotel
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Analyzing Ramada As A Hotel Brand

The quality of Ramada Hotels can be analyzed by considering various factors that affect the overall hotel experience. One important factor is the location and accessibility of the hotel. Ramada Hotels are often strategically located in popular tourist destinations or areas with easy access to transportation and attractions.

Another factor to consider is the amenities and facilities offered by Ramada Hotels. These hotels typically provide a wide range of amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and business facilities.

The customer service and staff performance at Ramada Hotels are also important considerations. Guests expect friendly and helpful staff members who can assist with any needs or inquiries during their stay.

Cleanliness and maintenance are essential for a good hotel experience. Ramada Hotels strives to maintain high standards of cleanliness and ensure that rooms and common areas are well-maintained.

Additionally, value for money is a crucial aspect when evaluating Ramada Hotels. Comparing the price range of Ramada Hotels with other hotels in the same category can help determine if they offer a good value for the price.

In conclusion, by considering factors such as location, amenities, customer service, cleanliness, and value for money, it can be determined if Ramada is a good hotel option.

Assessing Customer Satisfaction And Reviews Of Ramada Hotels

Tripadvisor: Ratings and Reviews of Ramada Hotels Very good hotel, bad hotel.com service. It was good. Reasonably priced. Nice, but small hot breakfast with plenty of cold items, juice & coffee. I felt safe there. Not close to any shopping or big cities.

PissedConsumer: Common Complaints and Negative Experiences Has the Ramada brand gotten considerably better lately? For years and years, it felt like Ramadas were largely not very good properties. Some customers have reported issues with safety.

Yelp: Positive Experiences and Recommendations This was a good hotel stay in a good location. The hotel is very clean and the staff was very courteous.

So, Is Ramada A Good Hotel?

Ramada hotels vary in quality depending on location and management. Some offer good service, amenities, and value for money, while others may fall short. Researching specific Ramada hotels through reviews and ratings can help determine if they meet your expectations.

So yeah, overall Ramada is a well-known and medium-range hotel brand that offers very good services and amenities as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ramada Considered A Good Hotel?

Ramada is a mid-scale hotel brand with varying quality. It has an outdoor swimming pool, and free Wi-Fi, and is known for being reasonably priced. However, some customers have complained about outdated facilities and poor service.

Overall, it is advisable to check reviews and consider individual preferences when deciding if Ramada is a good hotel option.

What Is Ramada Known For?

Ramada is known for its mid-scale hotel brand with varying quality. It offers reasonably priced rooms, a hot breakfast, and amenities like pools and free Wi-Fi. While some guests have had positive experiences, others have complained about outdated facilities and poor service.

Overall, Ramada is a popular choice for travelers looking for affordable accommodations.

Is Ramada Owned By Marriott?

No, Ramada is not owned by Marriott.

Is Wyndham And Ramada The Same?

No, Wyndham and Ramada are not the same. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts owns Ramada, which is a mid-scale hotel brand with varying quality.


Ramada is a reputable hotel brand that offers a range of amenities such as outdoor swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, and a complimentary hot breakfast. With its reasonably priced rooms and courteous staff, it provides a pleasant and safe stay for guests.

While opinions on Ramada can vary, it is important to consider individual experiences and preferences when deciding if it is a good hotel option. Ultimately, conducting thorough research and reading reviews can help make an informed decision about staying at Ramada.

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