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Where is Sawah Hotel MW2?

Where is Sawah Hotel Mw2
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Sawah Hotel is located in the Sawah village within the Al Mazrah map in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ mode. The hotel is situated in the southernmost part of the map, making it a key point of interest for players.

For gaming enthusiasts eager to explore the adrenaline-fueled world of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, the Sawah Hotel stands out as a noteworthy landmark. Thriving within the virtual boundaries of Al Mazrah, this celebrated structure beckons players with the promise of high-value loot and intense encounters.

As gamers parachute into the action, navigating this hotspot becomes a quintessential part of the Warzone experience. Understanding the layout and strategic vantage points offered by the Sawah Hotel can be the difference between defeat and clutching victory in the heat of battle.

Whether you’re coordinating with your squad or venturing solo, mastering the ins and outs of this hotel could cement your standing as a formidable contender on the leaderboards.

Sawah Hotel Location

The elusive Sawah Hotel, situated within the expansive realm of Call of Duty DMZ, has been a topic of much intrigue among players.

Nestled in the heart of Al Mazrah, the Sunken Village of Sawah holds the key to finding this mysterious location. As a vital point of interest, the hotel beckons explorers to venture into the southwestern reaches of the map.

Uncovering the Sawah Hotel demands navigation through the twisty passages and sunken ruins of its village namesake. As players wade through the remnants of civilization, the anticipation of uncovering hidden treasures grows.

The hotel itself offers a plethora of opportunities for loot and encounters, making it a prime destination for those daring to dive into the DMZ experience.

Where is Sawah Hotel Mw2

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Gaming Guides

Sawah Hotel is a key location that players often seek out on the Al Mazrah map.

To pinpoint its location, gamers should focus on the southern region of the map where a cluster of buildings located in a sunken village can be found. This area is known as Sawah Village, which houses the elusive hotel.

Embark on an adventure heading southwest where this point of interest lies. The terrain may be tricky, as it’s peppered with ruins and uneven ground.

Nonetheless, the journey is crucial for those intent on exploring every nook and cranny of the Al Mazrah landscape. Keep your eyes peeled for the distinctive structure of Sawah Hotel amidst the village buildings.

RegionPoint of InterestNotable Structure
Al MazrahSawah VillageSawah Hotel

Players should remember that this hotel is not just a building but a treasure trove of resources, making it a hotspot for competitive scavengers.

Equipping oneself with adequate gear and a strategic plan is crucial for navigating the environment and emerging victorious in this sought-after location within the game.

Village Exploration

Sawah Village, a point of interest (POI) in the game, offers a unique terrain to navigate and explore. With its sunken buildings and tight alleyways, players find themselves immersed in a battleground that challenges their strategic abilities.

The layout of Sawah Village is intricate, with numerous entry points and hiding spots that can be used to gain an advantage over opponents.

Players seeking to gain a tactical edge can utilize the rooftop access found throughout Sawah Village. These vantage points are not only strategic for reconnaissance but can also be a formidable spot for snipers.

To reach these rooftops, look for ladders and staircases tucked between the buildings.

Engaging with competitors amidst the remnants of this village, one can uncover a variety of resources. These rooftops serve as a perfect perch for those looking to control the area with a bird’s-eye view.

Strategic positioning here is key to mastering the Sawah Village landscape within the game’s dynamic environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get Into Sawah Hotel Room 302?

To access Sawah Hotel Room 302, obtain the room key, locate the hotel in Al Mazrah’s Sawah Village, use the key on the third floor, and enter Room 302.

Where Is The Hotel In Call Of Duty DMZ?

The hotel in Call of Duty DMZ is located in the Sawah Village point of interest, in the southwestern area of the Al Mazrah map.

Where Is The Sawah Hotel Room 303?

The Sawah Hotel Room 303 is located in the Sawah Village within the Al Mazrah map of Call of Duty DMZ.

How Do I Find My DMZ 302 Key?

To find your DMZ 302 key, search loot containers and eliminate enemies in the Al Mazrah region of Call of Duty DMZ.


Discovering the location of Sawah Hotel in MW2 is an adventure in itself. Nestled within Al Mazrah’s landscapes, this hidden gem awaits sharp-eyed gamers.

Remember, the journey to Sawah Hotel is part of the thrill. Embrace the challenge, pinpoint the destination, and enjoy the rewards awaiting at Sawah’s doors.

Sharpen your skills, and your next foray into the game could be even more successful. Happy gaming!

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