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What is European Plan In Hotels and Resorts? Let’s Explore

What is European Plan In Hotels and Resorts
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When planning a vacation, one of the key considerations is choosing the right meal plan that suits your preferences and budget.

Among the various options available, the European Plan (EP) stands out as a unique and popular choice.

In this article, we will delve into the concept of the European Plan, explore its features, compare it with other meal plans, and shed light on its significance in the hotel industry.

Understanding the European Plan

The European Plan, also known as the EP, refers to a meal plan option offered by hotels and resorts where only the accommodation is included in the room rate.

Unlike other plans like the all-inclusive or modified American plan, the European Plan does not include any meals or beverages as part of the package.

It offers guests the freedom to explore dining options outside the hotel premises.

The European Plan provides flexibility and autonomy to guests, allowing them to choose their meals according to their preferences and budget.

It is an ideal choice for travelers who enjoy exploring local cuisine or have specific dietary requirements.

European Plan vs. All-Inclusive

Many travelers often wonder about the difference between the European Plan and the all-inclusive package. While both options cater to different preferences, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

The European Plan offers a more independent and customizable experience, allowing guests to explore local dining options and immerse themselves in the local culture.

On the other hand, the all-inclusive package includes meals, beverages, and often additional amenities and activities, providing a more comprehensive and convenient experience within the hotel premises.

When choosing between the European Plan and the all-inclusive, it is crucial to consider your travel style, budget, and preferences.

The European Plan offers more flexibility but requires additional expenses for dining, while the all-inclusive package provides a hassle-free experience with most expenses included.

Booking a Vacation with a European Plan

When booking a vacation with a European Plan, it is essential to understand what to expect to make an informed decision.

While the room rate may appear more affordable, it is crucial to factor in additional expenses for meals and beverages.

Before booking, consider the destination, available dining options nearby, and the overall cost of dining out.

Researching local restaurants, cafes, and food markets will help you plan your budget accordingly.

Additionally, it’s advisable to check if the hotel offers any dining discounts or recommendations to enhance your experience.

Exploring the Standard European Plan

The Standard European Plan is a common variant of the European Plan offered by hotels and resorts worldwide.

It typically includes a comfortable room with essential amenities, such as a bed, bathroom facilities, and access to common areas.

While meals are not included, some hotels may provide complimentary breakfast as a value-added service.

This varies from one establishment to another, so it’s essential to inquire about the specific inclusions before making a reservation.

The Standard European Plan provides guests with the flexibility to explore local eateries, sample authentic cuisine, and experience the culinary diversity of the destination.

It is a popular choice among travelers who value freedom of choice and wish to immerse themselves in the local culture through food.

European Meal Plan at Resorts

In certain resort settings, the European Meal Plan may be available as an alternative to the all-inclusive package.

This option typically includes a limited number of meals, such as breakfast and dinner, while leaving lunch as an independent choice.

The European Meal Plan at resorts strikes a balance between the European Plan and all-inclusive, offering guests the convenience of some included meals while still allowing them to explore local dining options.

It is particularly suitable for those who prefer a more flexible dining experience but appreciate the convenience of having a few meals taken care of.

European Serving Style

Apart from the meal plan, the term “European” is also associated with a serving style commonly observed in restaurants and hotels.

The European serving style involves individual portions being served directly to the guest at the table, as opposed to a buffet or family-style serving.

This serving style reflects the elegance and sophistication often associated with European dining traditions.

It allows guests to savor each dish at their own pace and provides a more personalized dining experience.


So, the European Plan offers a unique and flexible approach to dining during a hotel stay. It allows guests to have full control over their dining choices, explore local cuisine, and engage with the cultural aspects of their destination.

While the European Plan may require additional planning and expenses for meals, it provides an opportunity to personalize the dining experience according to individual preferences.

Whether you opt for the European Plan or any other meal plan, it’s important to consider your travel style, budget, and desired level of convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the European plan suitable for families?

Yes, the European Plan can be suitable for families as it provides the freedom to choose meals according to individual preferences. However, families should consider the costs of dining out for multiple members and check if the hotel offers any family-friendly dining options or discounts.

Can I upgrade my European plan to all-inclusive?

In some cases, hotels may allow guests to upgrade their European Plan to an all-inclusive package. It is advisable to inquire with the hotel directly regarding any upgrade options available and associated costs.

Are beverages included in the European plan?

No, beverages are not typically included in the European Plan. Guests are responsible for purchasing their drinks separately, either at the hotel or at external establishments.

How do I find hotels that offer the European plan?

When searching for hotels, you can use online travel platforms and search filters to specifically look for properties that offer the European Plan. Additionally, hotel websites often provide detailed information about their meal plan options.

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